Wood Pulp Bleaching

Wöllner Wood Pulp Bleaching

Speciality silicates for bleaching fibrous materials

Our Blancosil® range offers various products for bleaching fibrous materials.
Our PEC team provides support, right from initial acceptance with laboratory testing and advice on the optimum use of our products, through to production monitoring.


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Special silicates (modified ratio) without additives
- Blancosil 1870
- Blancosil 1900

Special silicates (modified ratio) with biodegradable stabilizers
- Blancosil 2870
- Blancosil 2880
- Blancosil 2900

Our competent technical service will be pleased to advise you which of our products is the best solution for your sector and application. Our specialists also provide support in designing optimum formulations and production processes.