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Waterglass - a traditional raw material with great potential

Wöllner can look back on more than 125 years of experience as a manufacturer of waterglass. Besides allowing us to supply high-quality products that are manufactured in quality-assured processes, this experience is reflected in our competent and customized technical support and in the sophisticated testing methods in our laboratories.

Alkali silicates are among the most widely used chemical raw materials in modern industrial applications.

Our alkali silicates (waterglass) are used in the following applications, among others

  • Raw materials for the production of precipitated silicas and zeolite
  • Binders for paints and construction chemicals
  • Binders for fire- and acid-resistant systems
  • Adhesives for various applications
  • Binders and sealants for the foundry industry
  • Binders for overground and underground construction
  • Additives for liquefying slip in the ceramics industry
  • Bleaching stabilizers and deinking additives in the paper industry
  • Builders in detergents and cleaners
  • Additives for water and waste water treatment

Our list of products gives you an overview of the standard types of waterglass; detailed product descriptions and special types of waterglass are available on request.

We can also provide additional chemical-technical information and support in all issues regarding toxicity and the ecological impact of waterglass products.

We are happy to advise you when it comes to finding the product from our range that best suits your industry and application. Furthermore, our specialists are also on hand to support you in creating optimal formulations and production processes.