Fire Protection

Waterglass in fire protection

Binders for fire protection materials and components

Fire protection materials and components are used in many fields including airports, ships, high-rise buildings and sound insulation. Waterglass-based binders from Wöllner’s Betol range are optimal for such applications. Advantages include:


  • Inorganic character 
  • High thermal endurance
  • Non-combustible
  • Solvent-free (no VOC)
  • No hazardous decomposition products generated even at high temperatures


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Technical Data Sheets

Modified sodium silicate
-Betol 39 T

Special binders based on sodium silicate with wetting characteristics
-Betol 39 T1
-Betol 50 T1

Special binder based on sodium silicate with advanced wetting characteristics
-Betol 39 T3

Binder based on sodium silicate
-Betol 50 T
Binders based on potassium silicate
-Betol K 28 T 
-Betol K 35 T 
-Betol K 42 T 
-Betol K 5020 T 
-Betol K 54 T 

We are happy to advise you when it comes to finding the product from our range that best suits your industry and application. Furthermore, our specialists are also on hand to support you in creating optimal formulations and production processes.