Waterglass for laminating

Adhesives for laminating a wide range of materials

The wide range of Collosil specially customized, inorganic adhesive systems based on aqueous silicate solutions distinguish themselves by high adhesive strength and heat resistance.

The products are supplied ready to use and have a long shelf life.

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Technical Data Sheets

Foamable waterglass-based adhesive with good wetting properties
-Collosil 550

High viscosity fire resistant adhesive based on soluble silicates
-Collosil 635

Low viscosity inorganic adhesives with high adhesion
-Collosil 640
-Collosil 645

Fire-resistant adhesive based on soluble silicates 
-Collosil 660

We are happy to advise you when it comes to finding the product from our range that best suits your industry and application. Furthermore, our specialists are also on hand to support you in creating optimal formulations and production processes.