Sustainable acting

Wöllner Quality

Taking responsibility for people and nature

As a chemical company and as an employer, we are aware of our huge responsibility towards society, our surroundings, the environment and our employees, as well as our customers and suppliers. In order to fulfill this obligation, we have firmly established our principles on the topics of quality, the environment, labour and human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement in our corporate mission statement.

Activities and guidelines

EcoVadis gold status

The sustainable use of resources is one of Wöllner's top priorities. To demonstrate our efforts in this area, we have our performance regularly assessed by an independent rating agency called EcoVadis. Our guidelines and measures in the four categories of environment, labour and human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement were assessed and audited.

In 2023, we were awarded gold status for the second time. We achieved a total score of 72 points, ranking us among the top 5% of companies in the chemical industry.

Responsible Care

We cultivate a responsible attitude, not just in the development of high-quality products and solutions, but also towards humans and the environment. This is a matter we take very seriously. For example, we are committed to the worldwide Responsible Care initiative and to ensuring continuous improvements in the protection of health and the environment.

View the Responsible Care guidelines and the latest VCI Responsible Care Report here:

Responsible Care is closely associated with the Global Product Strategy (GPS) which is directed to improve and harmonise the level of product responsibility in the chemical industry throughout the world. Information about GPS:

Certified monitoring of occupational safety, health and environmental protection

On a yearly basis external audits monitor compliance with legal provisions as well as continuous improvements of processes in environmental protection and occupational health and safety.

We hold the following certificates in this area:

QM Zertifikat Wöllner  LU DE 2015-2018 2019_Sicher-Mit-System
AEO Final Logo

Responsible energy management

Energy efficiency and sustainable energy management are extremely important to Wöllner, whether in manufacturing, different types of process control or buildings management. We always make a special effort to protect the environment and conserve resources, for example in our investments, maintenance and the development of new technologies and products.

In 2014 Wöllner received certification of its energy management system under DIN EN ISO 50001 for the first time.

Wöllner gesamt Energiemanagement ISO 500001_2020

Our Environmental and Product Safety Principles

Product Range

Our products meet the highest requirements in terms of eco-friendly and safe-to-use raw materials, special chemicals and processing aids.

Whenever we develop new products or enhance existing ones, we ensure not only technical performance and cost-effectiveness but also a minimum environmental impact and good occupational safety, both in production and application.

We identify the environmental and safety properties of our products to the best of our ability and we enter these details into the relevant product documentation.


Our manufacturing instructions comply with the pertinent safety and environmental regulations, while also ensuring that our manufacturing processes are eco-friendly.

We provide production managers with comprehensive details about the safety and environmental aspects of raw materials, intermediate and finished products as well as environmentally sound waste management.

Our production is subject to ongoing process optimisation to ensure occupational safety, to conserve natural resources, to save energy to minimise emissions and to avoid waste.

We use, measure and assess different types of energy at each manufacturing facility. Wherever possible, we also improve the environmental impact of our energy consumption, e.g. through multiple use and by increasing its efficiency.

Market Development and Customer Support

Preferably, we offer and use products and processes with the lowest possible environmental impact and risk.

We deliver intensive technical advice on optimising the use of our products in terms of safety and environmental impact, and we support our customers’ safety, environmental and waste management with an open communication.

Working together with our customers, we install safe and economical dosing facilities and process controls.

Packaging and Logistics

We strictly select our containers under environmental and safety criteria.

We give preference to delivering products with large volume in tank trucks or or in intermediate bulk containers integrated into a European-wide return and recycling system in order to avoid packaging waste.

We only work with professional and responsible specialist carriers. Our carriers receive instructions on the relevant environmental and safety aspects as well as on minimising the impact of noise and emissions.

Documentation of Environmental and Safety Management

The principles of our environmental and safety management are those of the Responsible Care initiative.

Our specialists in each of these areas have the relevant in-depth expertise on all the relevant environmental and safety issues.

Moreover, they continually update their knowledge of environmental issues through intensive contact with academic institutions and associations.

We provide intensive training on environmental and safety issues for our back office staff and sales force, as required by their specialisations.

We assess and review the status of our environmental and safety management on a yearly basis.

One of the primary objectives in our corporate mission is to protect the environment, local residents and our workforce. Wöllner has therefore participated in the Incidents Brochure of Ludwigshafen by providing the relevant information. Click here to view the complete Incidents Brochure of Ludwigshafen and further details: