Wöllner Product lines

CCC - Coating & Construction Chemicals


Silicate-based inorganic binders

Binders also for extreme conditions
The Betol® product line covers sodium-, potassium- and lithium-based aqueous silicate solutions. We produce solutions in different compositions, tailored to the specific needs of our customers.

Wöllner Betol


  • Inorganic character
  • High temperature stability
  • Good binding effect


Betolin® | Sapetin® | Sikalon®

Binder and additive specialities for paints/plasters/construction chemistry

Binders based on nature
The Betolin® | Sapetin® | Sikalon® product lines cover aqueous binders and formulation additives for the production of environmentally friendly silicate paints and plasters as well as for the manufacture of coating systems for cementitious surfaces.

Betolin - Binders for paints and renderings


  • Ready-to-use, storage-stable formulations
  • Open-pore coating, therefore good water vapour permeability
  • Good colour stability
  • Harmonious, matt surface finish
  • High dirt pick-up resistance
  • Long life
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor areas in new and old buildings
  • Environmentally neutral behaviour
  • Excellent adhesion to mineral substrates through chemical cross-linking with the surface



Special adhesives

Water-based special adhesives
The Collosil® programme offers ready-to-use industrial adhesives. In addition to alkali silicate-based inorganic variants, our range of highly-effective, water-based special adhesives are complemented by organic systems.

Wöllner Collosil adhesives


Inorganic adhesives:

  • Resistant to high temperatures
  • No solvent vapours or harmful gases in the event of fire
  • Chemical resistant
  • High adhesion
  • Aqueous system, easy to apply

Organic adhesives:

  • High initial tack
  • Excellent drying capacity



Binders and hardeners for alkali-activated systems

Silicate binder and hardener for geopolymers and alkali-activated hardeners
The Geosil® product line contains specially formulated aqueous silicate solutions for the alkaline activation of reactive mineral fillers. The range is supplemented by various hardener systems. Depending on the formulation, the resulting systems can take the form of binders, coatings or adhesives.

Wöllner Geosil


  • High temperature stability
  • High chemical stability
  • High mechanical stability
  • Good moulding capacity


Ligasil® | Stabisil®

Binders and hardener systems for special civil engineering & tunnel construction

Binder, hardener, accelerator
The Ligasil® | Stabisil® product line contains binders and complementary hardener systems for soil injections. Our soluble silicate-based shotcrete accelerators are especially well-suited for use in tunnel construction.

Wöllner binders and hardeners for construction


  • Particularly suitable for hard & soft gel injections



  • Soil Solidification
  • Shotcrete Acceleration

PEC - Process Enhancement Chemicals

Verisil® - ­Blancosil®

Special silicate products for deinking and bleaching of fibrous materials

Sodium silicate (also called "water glass") is an important, multifunctional chemical additive used in the deinking of waste paper and in bleaching wood-based fibrous materials (e.g. ground wood pulp, TMP, chemical pulp) with peroxide; it is characterized by a good price-performance ratio.

effects, e.g. deposits in tanks, tubes, valves and production units.

Wöllner waste paper treatment
  • Trouble-free storage and pumping of the concentrates
  • Low tendency to form deposits
  • Improved stabilizing effect in peroxide bleaching systems
  • Optimized alkali and buffer properties
  • Low COD values in the circuit and waste water
  • Optimized cost of chemicals



Cost-effective and ecofriendly process chemicals for the production of paper and chemical pulp

Process chemicals by Wöllner ensure a trouble-free production of paper, cardboard and chemical pulp and a high quality of the final product. Three things that are important to us in the manufacture of these chemicals are environmentally friendly technologies, quality assurance and cost-effectiveness.

Warosit process chemicals
  • Microbiological control
  • Control of organic impurities
  • Control of inorganic impurities
  • Wire, felt and roller treatment
  • Cleaning agents
  • Starch decomposition enzymes




ISD - Industrial Silicates & Derivatives


a traditional raw material with great potential

Wöllner can look back on more than 120 years of experience as a manufacturer of waterglass. Besides allowing us to supply high-quality products that are manufactured in quality-assured processes according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008, this experience is reflected in our competent and customized technical support and in the sophisticated testing methods in our laboratories.

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