Industrial Sectors for CCC

Construction chemicals

Waterglass products for cement floors


Coating Systems

Raw materials for soluble silicate-based paints and rendering


Fire protection

Binders for fire protection materials and components


Briquetting & Agglomerising

Binders for powders and granules


Insulating materials

Bonding of insulating components



Bonding of chamotte powder



Soluble silicate-based binders and hardeners for alkali-activated systems



Binding of core sand


Tube winding

Inorganic and organic adhesives


Glueing cardboard

Adhesive for high performance honeycomb panels



Adhesives for laminating a wide range of materials



Special silicate binders for heavy and fine ceramics


Welding electrodes

Functional binders for welding electrodes and flux cored wire electrodes


Specialist civil engineering

Soft gel injection and tunnel construction


Industrial Sectors for PEC

Waste Paper Treatment

Speciality silicates, additives and flotation agents for de-inking more

Wood Pulp Bleaching

Speciality silicates for bleaching fibrous materials more

Industrial Water Circuits

Treatment and cleaning with process chemicals more

Pulp & Paper Industry

Treatment and cleaning of water circuits and machine parts more

Industrial Sectors for ISD

Large-Scale Chemical Industry


Waterglass more