Wöllner PEC - Verisil / Blancosil / Sapetin Services


Our experienced applications customer service is able to assist you with extensive investigations of circulation systems and on-site laboratory tests to create optimised formulations and processes.


Prior to operating tests:

  • Flotation and bleaching trials in the laboratory and on-site
  • Checking standard parameters such as pH, Redox-Potential, p-value, m-value, determination of level of [SiO2], [Ca],[SO4], [Fe], [Mn], [Al], COD, residual peroxide as well as determination of catalase
  • Setting up a data collection for process monitoring
  • Investigation and characterisation of troublesome  deposits

During the execution of operational trials:

  • Introduction and optimisation of the target formulation determined in the Trials
  • Adjusting and/or changing dosing strategy in the optimisation phase
  • Generating reports with graphic analysis of the test results
  • Determining cost savings

For existing applications:

  • Checking of standard parameters at regular service calls
  • Changing and/or adjusting the formulation where necessary
  • Generating reports with graphic analysis of the test results
  • Troubleshooting


For further questions about our services please contact the Wöllner PEC Team.