Warosit® Services

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WAROSIT® Customer Services


Technical service:

  • Planning, building and maintaining your dosing System
  • Setting up an optimal dosing plan for our products
  • Routine checking of dosing programmes and dosing intervals
  • Monitoring operational readiness of equipment
  • Filling and maintenance of brominators

Microbiology services:

  • Determination of relevant microbial groups in the paper industry (slime-forming bacteria, anaerobic bacteria, H2S-formers, yeasts and mould as well hygiene-relevant microorganisms)
  • Determination of surface microbial count and total microbial count of paper
  • Microscopy analysis of paper and deposits
  • Biocide selection tests
  • Zone of Inhibition Test (Hemmhof test)
  • Efficacy tests for antimicrobial/dispersing treatments
  • Capture of odour images using electronic noses

Service for paper machines:

  • Paper machine system check and discussion of results
  • Support for cleaning (e.g. system cleaning, foam cleaning) and setting up cleaning plans
  • Microbiological investigation of system waters, analysis and presentation of results
  • Investigation on deposits
  • Development of individual action plans based on the results of the investigation

General customer service:

  • Preparation of examination reports, treatment proposals and expert opinions
  • Support in dealing with queries related to regulations and quality seals (e.g. REACH, Biocidal Product Regulation (BPR), BfR 36, FDA, Ecolabel, Nordic Swan, Euro-Flower, RAL, Blue Angel, etc.)


For further questions about our services please contact the Wöllner PEC Team.