Wöllner Warosit

Process chemicals for industrial water circuits

For an optimized use of our highly efficient Warosit® process chemicals we provide various services, e.g. the planning and installation of dosing systems including maintenance and routine monitoring of treatment programs.  


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  • Monitoring of microbial growth in industrial water systems
  • Combating and control of inorganic and organic contaminants
  • Treatment of wires, felts and central rolls
  • Cleaning agents for water circulation systems , machine parts, machine periphery & paper machine clothing (PMC)
  • Enzymes for starch degradation and fibre modification
  • Defoamers and deaerators for pulp and paper production and waste water treatment
  • Polymers for process- and waste-water treatment


  • Pulp and Paper production
  • Recycling of waste paper
  • Industrial water Systems


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