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Our Verisil®/Blancosil® product lines have marked advantages compared to standard waterglass. On extended storage in tanks, standard waterglass can form deposits as a result of the influence of temperature and atmospheric carbon dioxide. Obstructive deposits have also been occasionally observed in Pipelines.

Advantages when used in bleaching and de-inking processes

  • Problem-free storage and conveying of concentrates
  • Very low tendency to form deposits
  • Increased stabilization effect in peroxide bleaching systems
  • Optimized alkali and buffer properties
  • Low COD values in water circuits and effluent
  • Very low release of anionic contaminants and micro stickies achievable through process optimization
  • Can reduce the need for retention aids and dewatering agents
  • Cost optimisation of process chemicals

Advantages when used in wood pulp bleaching (SGW,RMP,TMP,CTMP) and de-inking

Storage and conveying of concentrate:

  • High purity silicate molecules with optimized homogeneous, relative short-chain structure resulting in significantly lower tendency to form deposits.
  • Viscosity which permits problem-free conveying in pipelines at customary temperatures.

Stabilization of peroxide bleaching systems:

  • Besides alkali silicates, our products contain a customized synergistic stabilizer system of alkaline earth complexes with highly biodegradable hydroxycarboxylic compounds. This achieves excellent stabilization of the peroxide bleaching systems even in the presence of detrimental metal ions such as iron or manganese.
  • The use of ecologically-questionable, poorly-biodegradable chelating agents such as DTPA, EDTA etc. is usually not required.

Buffering of pH:

  • Our special silicates have an outstanding buffering effect in alkaline systems. This permits, in many cases, a reduction in the use of caustic soda, thus avoiding the disadvantages caused by its excessive use such as yellowing, fibre damage, increased COD in the water circuits etc.

COD values in water circuits and effluent:

  • Experience shows that with optimised process control and use of our specialty silicates the concentration of COD in water circuits and effluent can be significantly reduced. This means a capacity and cost reduction in wastewater treatment.

Application concentration and process economy:

  • Because of the synergistic stabilisation effect, the application concentration can generally be significantly lower than with standard waterglass. This results in an overall reduction in the use of chemicals in water circuits and markedly lower SiO2 values.

Saving in retention aids and dewatering chemicals:

  • Because of the lower SiO2 content which can be achieved in the system, the consumption of cationic retention aids /dewatering agents can be reduced, particularly when the Verisil® 2 range and Blancosil® 2 range are used.


Sapetin® – Product profile

This product line is a system consisting of additives for reducing or eliminating the use of soaps and fatty acids in the de-inking process. The system also distinguishes itself by a very good price/performance ratio.


Application advantages:

  • Achieves higher whiteness at lower usage levels
  • Reduction of material losses during the de-inking process
  • Reduction of “Carbon Footprint” through reduced logistics
  • Energy savings by dispensing with temperature-controlled storage of soaps and fatty acids
  • Very good thermal and pH stability and safe handling
  • Reduction in dirt specks
  • Biodegradable raw materials

Product lines

Speciality products for the de-inking process
List of products

  • Module-modified speciality silicates without additives: Verisil® 1 range
  • Speciality silicates with biodegradable stabilisers: Verisil® 2 range

Speciality products for fiber and wood pulp bleaching
List of products

  • Module-modified speciality silicates without additives: Blancosil® 1 range
  • Speciality silicates with biodegradable stabilisers: Blancosil® 2 range

De-inking and flotation additive

  • Sapetin® T 1000: Additive for replacing fatty acids and ready to use soaps during the  deinking process
  • Sapetin® FC: Products for foam modification during the flotation process