BETOL® - Silicate Binders & Functional Additives

Wöllner BETOL® - Silicate Binders & Functional Additives

BETOL<sup>®</sup> for construction and insulation materials, refractories and ceramics, special technical applications

Based on very pure raw materials alkali silicate products are manufactured today in a complex melting / dissolving process by means of highly modern technology and adjusted individually to the specific application requirements.

The product line Betol® from Wöllner comprises sodium, potassium and lithium silicate solutions with variable molar ratios of silica to alkali oxide as well as tailor-made mixed silicate binders. Partly also functional additives are incorporated in order to achieve optimum performance.

Betol®-binders are applied in a broad variety of industrial branches, e.g. for

  • the production of construction and insulation products based on mineral or renewable organic raw materials
  • fire protection and refractory materials
  • ceramic products
  • the production of welding rods and fluxes
  • the soil grouting and stabilisation of weak geological structures in civil engineering and mining operations
  • the briquetting and agglomeration of powders
  • the foundry industry


Silicate binders – modern, highly performing and ecocompatible

The main features of silicate binders are their inorganic character and the high temperature stability. They do not contain any solvents (no VOC) and even at high temperatures they do not produce harmful vapours or gases.

No adverse effects in using silicate binders have been observed as far as good industrial practice is being respected. Intensive studies of independent institutes have shown the low toxicological risk and documented, that the industrial application of silicate products has no negative impact on ecosystems.


Wöllner – more than just a supplier of raw materials

More than 125 years experience with alkali silicates, more than 45 years of intensive, application-oriented research in the field of waterbased binders, modern laboratory equipment and a team of highly skilled and motivated coworkers are the base for a successful cooperation and partnership with our customers.

We not only supply technical instructions for our Betol® product line, but are also prepared to support you in dealing with any application questions.