Waterglass - Geopolymers

Soluble silicate-based binders and hardeners for alkali-activated systems

The properties of alkali-activated systems, especially geopolymers, distinguish them from common cement-based binders:

  • Outstanding seal to embedded filler particles
  • Excellent adhesion to very smooth surfaces
  • High compressive and bending tensile strength
  • Outstanding resistance to acids and Alkalis
  • Elevated temperature resistance

Geosil Product Line

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Technical Data Sheets

Alkaline activators based on potassium Silicate 
-Geosil 14515
-Geosil 14517

Powder hardeners for soluble silicate-based binders
-Stabisil 40

Alkaline activators based on soluble silicates
-Geosil 34417
-Geosil 54217

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