BETOLIN® - Binders, Stabilizers, Dispersant & Rheological Additives for waterbased coating systems

Wöllner BETOLIN® - Binders, Stabilizers, Dispersant & Rheological Additives for waterbased coating systems

The BETOLIN<sup>®</sup>-System – products and technical support for perfect formulations

The Betolin® System by Woellner has been designed for waterbased coating systems and employs high quality silicate binders and formulation additives (e.g. stabilizers, dispersants, thickeners and rheological additives). Our binder systems are characterized by an inorganic, near-natural character and good environmental compatibility.

In addition, even small quantities of our additives show good effects in optimizing formulas to achieve the desired properties. Our additives stand out in particular by their stability, especially in water-based, alkaline media.


Silicate based coating systems – modern and ecocompatible

Today, modern coating systems must satisfy a great number of demands. Many of these demands can be met with silicate systems, whose positive properties have been demonstrated for many years, e.g. in the area of building paints and plasters. In these applications, they have become an indispensable tool for professionals and live up to the expectations of architects, users and customers.

Betolin® products yield finished coating systems with following significant advantages:

  • Storage stable ready-to-use formulations
  • Advantageous application properties on most substrates
  • Strengthening of weathered or sandy mineral substrates
  • Open pore character of the cured coatings, therefore excellent water vapour permeability
  • No in-can preservation necessary
  • No allergenic potential of silicate binders
  • Low VOC-content
  • Positive fire protection character due to low fire loads
  • High ecocompatibility
  • Good colour stability
  • Harmonic matt surface appearance
  • Low tendency of dirt pickup, self-cleaning behaviour
  • Long-term stability of coatings, even in combination with photo catalytic materials, therefore very economical
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications – for new and old buildings


Woellner – more than just a supplier of raw materials

Based on more than 125 years of experience with alkali silicates and more than 45 years of intense, application-oriented research in the waterbased coatings sector we build up trusting partnerships and close cooperation with our customers. Our modern lab equipment enables our team of highly skilled and motivated coworkers to get it right every time.

We offer instructions regarding the application of our products within the Betolin® System and in addition to this, upon request, full support in selecting the appropriate raw materials, formulating finished products and dealing with any questions regarding application.