Specialist Civil Engineering

Waterglass in specialist civil engineering

Soft gel injection and tunnel construction

Tunnelling – Two-pack annular gap mortar
When using tunnel boring machines, rapid backfill grouting behind the tunnel lining is essential to enable settling to be controlled. A characteristic of the two component backfill grouting mortar is early development of strength. As a rule, the mixture consists of cement, bentonite, retardant and water complemented by a powerful accelerator such as Wöllner Betol 38.  The components quickly form an insoluble gel which subsequently solidifies.

Soft gel injection
Foundation basements which reach the ground water level must be sealed against the water-bearing horizon. Recent decades have seen the development of several methods, of which the creation of deep, artificial grout injections based on waterglass is currently the most cost-effective solution. In sand bearing horizon cement suspensions are not capable of filling the fine pore spaces. Wöllner GmbH offers its clients a worldwide, cost-effective complete solution.

Ligasil / Stabisil range


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Technical Data Sheets

Binder and additive based on alkali silicate
-Betol 38

Modified sodium silicates in ground injection applications
-Ligasil 38
-Ligasil 39

Sodium aluminate hardener for soluble silicate-based ground injection solutions
-Stabisil 19

Sodium bicarbonate hardener for soluble silicate-based ground injection solutions
-Stabisil 23

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