COLLOSIL® - Waterbased special Adhesives for construction and insulation materials, tubes and cores, special technical applications

Wöllner COLLOSIL® - Waterbased special adhesives

COLLOSIL<sup>®</sup> – elaborated waterbased special adhesives

Wherever high bonding strength, stability against the influence of chemicals or high temperatures are required and any solvent vapours or noxious gases – even in case of fire – must be avoided, Collosil® products from Woellner are the optimum choice. For the connection of manifold material combinations of e.g. ceramics, glass, metals, paper and mineral substances, the application of Collosil® adhesives will show outstanding performance.

Storage stable ready to use formulations are available for a vast variety of applications.


The main application areas are:

  • the industrial manufacturing of tubes and cores, cans and drums and other specially shaped objects made of paper
  • the lamination of plastic or aluminium foils respectively glass fibre tissue on paper or fibrous materials
  • the glueing of insulation elements / shaped materials
  • the production of fire protection doors and systems
  • the joining of ceramic construction materials, e.g. in the refractory sector


Waterbased adhesives – favourable characteristics in many fields

These are the benefits of our water based adhesives:

  • They are nontoxic and safe for both manufacturers and users
  • They do not cause problems during recycling and in the waste water
  • The adhesive behaviour and processing properties of the individual formulas can be adapted to the system and the application
  • Temperature-resistant bonds with high final strength (especially water glass systems)
  • Quick bonding with high adhesive strength (especially dextrin Systems)
  • Ready-to-use, storable products
  • No preservatives required for water glass Systems
  • Pure water glass systems are not inflammable and do not produce harmful vapours or gases in case of a fire
  • The adhesives can be stored and used at room temperature

Besides our inorganic adhesives, which are based on alkali silicates, we also supply organic systems such as dextrin and combination products. With our technical expertise, we will help you to identify the products that suit your needs, applications and technical requirements and integrate them into your production process.


Woellner – more than just a supplier of raw materials

More than 125 years experience with alkali silicates, more than 45 years of intensive, applicationoriented research in the field of special adhesives, modern laboratory equipment and a team of highly skilled and motivated coworkers are the base for a successful cooperation and partnership with our customers.

We not only supply technical instructions for our Collosil® product line, but are also prepared to support you in dealing with any application questions.