Gold medal for Woellner

EcoVadis – ‘Gold status award’ for Woellner

As the requirements for companies in terms of sustainability aspects are constantly rising, the alignment and the measures defined must be transparent and comprehensible. Compliance with the ecological, social, and ethical aspects of the corporate strategy represent a key factor for determining a company’s success and sustainability.

In order to meet these requirements and to demonstrate future viability, Woellner applied for an assessment of their own sustainability orientation by the worldwide operating company EcoVadis in the middle of 2021. The company’s entire supply chain as well as the core areas environment, labour and human rights, ethics, and sustainable procurement were considered and assessed by means of a scoring system.

After a thorough examination of the various areas, Woellner achieved the gold status in the overall rating in December 2021 and therefore ranks among the top five percent of companies evaluated by EcoVadis. Apart from the transparency of our own capacity, this assessment also serves as a basis for constant improvement of the company’s overall performance.

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